Bowen Transportation Inc.

585 Depaoli Street

Reno, NV 89512

Phone: 775-355-0930

Fax: 775-355-0931

LTL Customer Service: 775-343-3392
POD and Tracing Line 775-284-4500
Dock Office Direct Line: 775-337-1757
Flatbed Dispatch: 775-355-0930
Dry Van Dispatch: 775-355-0930
Brokerage: 775-355-0930
After Hours Dispatch: Please call the designated line above and your call will be transferred to the appropiate person.

Fax 1: 775-355-0931
Fax 2: 775-343-3387

President: Chad Bowen
Dock Manager: Rolando Meza
Fleet/Safety Manager: Dan Baker
Accounting Manager: Stephanie McAvoy
Billing: Chelsie Pruett
OS&D: Coleen Nelson
Claims: Stephanie McAvoy
Flatbed Dispatch: Tina Reed
Dry Van Dispatch: Trent Odneal
PODs: Coleen Nelson